Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Correct Bra for Back Pain

April 3, 2010

Just sent you an email. But my back pain Doctor feels part of my back pain is from the wrong bra. I am not sure how to measure the right one.

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Underwire Strapless Bra

November 21, 2009

I would like to order a longline with underwire strapless bra. I’m from Pennsylvania.

If you send it and it doesn’t fit, could I return it for another size? I expect to have right shoulder surgery in January and I’m having difficulty finding a support bra. My ordinary size is 40 DD. I tried your method of measurement and it came to 38 and the relaxed breast size was 5.

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Bra Measurement

November 14, 2009

Note on Bra measurement instructions – The tape can only measure CIRCUMFERENCE, NOT diameter!

To measure a person’s DIAMETER one would have to drill a hole entirely through the torso (it might hurt) and it still might be a bad measurement, as the width is about 1 1/2 times the front-back dimension. See any chest MRI scan of a patient.

Remember, it is CIRCUMFERENCE that is measured by tape.

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Nursing Bra Fitting

November 14, 2009

Shalom from Israel.

I’m going to see if I can’t have this bra adjusted here in Israel, once I make a trip to one of the major cities that houses a seamstress. Because of the cut, there is less full coverage in the 491 Leading Lady that was sent to me, than the Leading Lady 487 that I ordered, and truthfully, I would need a larger cup size in this particular cut and style. Also, as we discussed, the straps are not fully adjustable and thick and padded. Those are some pretty major differences and I don’t know if they can be remedied.

That being said, I am STILL looking for a nursing bra that has fully adjustable straps and provides full coverage in the cup size and am very interested in the Goddess nursing bra that you mentioned to me several times on the phone in a size 36G. I would be interested to know if/when you receive your order on this bra and size and also what the model number is so that I can take a look online to really understand what I am getting, paying particular attention to both the cut of the cups and the adjustability of the straps.

Please to let me know when that happens and we can either do an exchange, or in the event that I am able to make the necessary adjustments on this bra, to buy it in addition to what I have.

In the meanwhile I will keep the tag on this bra and the bra in the bag until I hear from you.

Thank you so much,

J. Rivkah

J.Rivkah: American/Israeli
Theatre Director and Student of Medicine.

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Breast Forms

August 20, 2009

I have chosen to do my thesis on breast forms for my final Aromatherapy exam and I thank you enormously for all the info you provide on your website. There are however, two questions I wish to ask:
1) How do you make the pouch form so that the back and front meet?
2) How do you fill the pouch?
I thank you in advance for the great info.

Boots Questions (from potential Customer) – on Wide fitting Shoes

August 18, 2009

I have a client with wide feet who has asked me to find a high heel shoe for her. Please advise the air parcel postage rate for a pair of pumps sent to New Zealand. I look forward to your early response

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Post cardiothoracic surgery bras

August 8, 2009

Bra Question – I am soon to be admitted to hospital for heart surgery. I have been advised that front fitting, supportive but comfortable bras/harnesses can help the healing process and even minimize the possibility of infection. The problem is I cannot seem to find these in the UK, I am looking at BeS04 compression bra. Would this be suitable? Or are there others that would be more comfortable? I am a UK size 22 chest measurement. I am not sure what the US equivalent is? Would it be best to get this size, or the next size up? Many thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

Answer by – post surgery – you want the style 1803 bra — this is sold as a post surgery soft comfortable front closure bra. after a few weeks you will want a more structured garment to hold the weight. I will look at the sizing issue tomorrow at work – I am at home now. The 1803 is the most important item for you for at least 3 weeks post surgery – then you need a different / more structured bra. Ideally I want a inch measurement – above the breasts measurement and across the breast nipple area / in inches or in other – best is to call me @ 602-954-9400 10-6PM MST in the USA

Return Bra Question – The 1803 looks comfortable, presumably there is a good amount of material under the closure hooks?
I have measured my size. 43 “above my breasts (more of less under my arms), 46” across the nipples and 41+1/2 under. As you will see, I am overweight and therefore need quite a large size. Is this possible?

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Fabric of Panty

June 13, 2009

Style #1330
Plus Size Panty – Plus Size Brief
Exclusive Tunneled Elastic At Waist.
Does That Mean That The Elastic Is Covered Over With Cotton?
Seamless Brief?
Are The Leg Openings Banded?
Only Elastic? Cotton Banded?

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on “La Cera” Nightgowns

June 10, 2009

I want “La Cera” summer cotton nightgowns. I have 1, and cannot find more. Do you stock those or can you arrange from somewhere?

Bra Questions (from potential Customer) – on Bra Fitting

May 24, 2009

I understand bra fit up to 44D but i would like to know if all rules
stay the same through 60ll or bigger? I am hearing , too much weight straps
are digging in. over flow ,center poking out . and can’t find there size
etc. again do any rules change as you go into super size? Thank you in

Solution: Bra Size Calculator by